A Note from the Executive Director

The world is changing before our eyes. Issues of testing, public use of masks, PPE, intensive care unit (ICU) beds and ventilators, and concerns of overwhelmed hospitals and “flattening the curve” through physical distancing are front-and-center in the global media. Countries that are only beginning to face the pandemic are trying to determine what immediate decisions and reallocations of resources they need to make.  

Amidst all of this, we must work to maintain the momentum from Astana, and ensure that the clear global and national commitments made to PHC for UHC are not left behind as the crisis consumes us. It is natural to focus on pandemic surveillance, hospital-based care, and ventilators—as well as vaccines and therapeutics—in this moment. But while hospitals and ICUs may be a critical last line of defense for individuals, they are not the primary tools needed to prevent or fight pandemics on a population-wide basis. That is why strong PHC is as necessary as ever. PHCPI is committed to supporting countries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and stay the course on improving primary health care to achieve Universal Health Coverage.  



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