As countries grapple with COVID-19, strong primary health care can provide a critical first line of defense. It helps track and stop the spread of local outbreaks while continuing to meet people’s everyday health needs. In the midst of the emergency response, the world cannot afford to ignore other essential health services -- such as vaccinations, reproductive, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS and TB care, and care for chronic diseases. Letting these services lapse risks losing crucial health gains and leaves millions more vulnerable to preventable and treatable illness. 

Around the world, policymakers, practitioners, advocates and others are finding ways to leverage PHC for pandemic response, and are working to maintain PHC as a comprehensive, coordinated, person-centered resource for people and communities.  They are also working to strengthen PHC now to ensure systems are in place to respond to future waves of COVID-19 and other crises and to ensure that PHC is a cornerstone of post-COVID recovery.

The PHCPI Online Forum is intended to serve as a digital community of practice, facilitating the sharing of experiences, stories, tools, approaches and resources, and fostering joint problem solving among those working to improve Primary Health Care (PHC) measurement and improvement within the current context of pandemic response, and beyond.

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