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The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) brings together country policymakers, health system managers, practitioners, advocates and other development partners who are committed to increasing the focus on primary health care (PHC) and supporting improvement efforts.

Advocates will be critical to PHCPI’s success. They can reach out to decision-makers and use PHCPI data to highlight where there are gaps in the PHC system. They can also request action to address those gaps and point decision-makers to helpful resources.

PHCPI can support advocacy on both “ vertical”  health issue agendas and broader health and development agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and universal health coverage.

PHCPI offers a variety of tools to prepare you to advocate for PHC. Please check back frequently for new tools and updates. Check out the Get Involved page, and sign up for PHCPI email updates.

Advocacy Toolkit Contents

Primary Health Care Advocacy Guide: Not sure where to start or go next with your advocacy efforts around PHC? This guide offers answers to questions on how to align PHC advocacy with existing health agendas, how to generate awareness about the issue and influence decision-makers, and how to craft an advocacy strategy.

Advocates’ Frequently Asked Questions about PHCPI: Familiarity with this set of commonly asked questions about PHCPI, and their answers, will help advocates successfully educate decision-makers and motivate them to take advantage of the partnership’s resources.

PHCPI Communications Toolkit: This guide offers background and resources to support social media activities and the development of opinion pieces and blog posts about the importance of strong PHC.

Beyond the Numbers: User Guide for the PHC Vital Signs: The PHCPI website provides data that enable users to explore the performance of PHC systems in low- and middle-income countries and allows for country benchmarking. This guide provides background and information to aid advocates and decision-makers who want to improve their country's PHC system in interpreting the data on the website.

Leveraging “Vertical” Health Investments for PHC: This background document outlines how harnessing investments to address particular health issues—such as HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, or malaria—improves PHC systems, benefitting people and communities and ensuring that resources are used efficiently.

Country Briefs: Country-specific briefs link improved PHC performance to meeting a country’s existing commitments and national plans, highlight country/local facts and success stories, and shine a light on gaps in existing policies, plans, and resources related to PHC. Please check back frequently for updates to existing briefs and the addition of new ones.

Primary Health Care: The Opportunity in Nigeria (September 2015)

Country Brief Template: This document enables advocates to create their own country-specific brief, using PHCPI data, if a particular country brief is not yet available among the list above. It is a Microsoft Word document, set up for easy editing, with text and graphic placeholders and guidance on key information to include.