We generate and carefully curate high-quality resources to guide better measurement of primary health care (PHC) systems and improvement efforts. We welcome feedback on these resources and suggestions of additional tools to make available on PHC improvement. Please share these ideas with us at info@PHCperformanceinitative.org. Sign up for PHCPI email updates to stay up to date on data, tools, and resources. Join here.

PHC Evidence

PHC Evidence grants access to over 3,000 articles on the best policy evidence to guide country decision-makers in implementing policies with the greatest potential to strengthen their PHC systems. This database offers a continuously updated repository of research evidence on governance, finance and delivery arrangements, and implementation strategies that can support positive health system change. PHC Evidence is made possible through partnership with McMaster University.

Compare Tool

This interactive tool enables users to compare how their country’s PHC system performs relative to other countries. Use this tool to compare multiple countries across multiple indicators. For guidance on using this tool and interpreting the data visualizations, see the PHC Vital Signs User Guide.

Advocacy Toolkit

Recognizing the important role of advocacy in driving improvements to PHC, the PHCPI Advocacy Toolkit offers resources to prepare advocates for outreach to decision-makers. Tools include advocacy and social media guidance, FAQs about PHCPI, backgrounders on policy issues, and overviews of PHC in particular countries.

Promising Practices

PHCPI is committed to surfacing great examples of strong PHC systems and extracting relevant lessons for countries. Check out our initial set of case studies on Brazil, China, Cuba, Estonia, Kerala, Namibia, Thailand and Turkey. Visit back soon to read about 8 emerging lessons from these and other countries.

PHC Vital Signs User Guide

The PHCPI website provides data that enable users to explore the performance of PHC systems in low- and middle-income countries and allows for country benchmarking. This guide provides background and information to aid advocates and decision-makers who want to improve their country's PHC system in interpreting the data on the website. A short tutorial video provides a walkthrough of the website and demonstrates how to use the various data visualization tools.