Conceptual Framework

Description of important components of strong primary health care, building on existing frameworks for health systems performance.

Core Indicators

Grounded in the Conceptual Framework, PHCPI's Core Indicators provide a snapshot of primary health care performance based on existing, globally comparable data.

Core Indicator Compare Tool

Examine different countries’ primary health care systems side by side.

PHC Progression Model

The PHC Progression Model is an innovative tool that uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to assess primary health care system capacity.

VSP Process Guide Guidance

Step-by-step guidance for countries to produce a Vital Signs Profile.

Measuring What Matters Report

Case studies on data innovations for strengthening primary health care.

Indicator Library Tool

Detailed descriptions of each PHC Core Indicator, including indicator definitions, the rationale for their use, sources of data, and limitations.

How to Read and Use the VSP Guidance

Guidance for how to read the Vital Signs Profile.

PHCPI Methodology Note Methodology Note

Details the development of the PHCPI Conceptual Framework and indicator selection.

How VSP Profiles are Constructed Methodology Note

Explains how the Vital Signs Profile scores are constructed.

Taking Stock of the Global PHC Measurement Landscape Report

Identifies conceptual and practical areas where PHC measurement is aligned and where there are gaps and explores where data are being collected in LMICs through standardized global surveys.