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Use our social media toolkit to tell your partners, colleagues, supporters and other stakeholders about PHCPI! Post on Twitter or Facebook. Write your own blog post or op-ed piece about PHC, using guidance provided in the toolkit.

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We would love to hear how you are working to improve PHC measurement and systems in your own community, and how you are using the PHC Vital Signs data to inform decision-making and/or advocate with government representatives. Send us an email at

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Use PHC Vital Signs data and analyses as sources when your organization produces reports and fact sheets about global health issues.

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We need your voice to make sure that the critical data on PHC Vital Signs gets into the hands of decision-makers, and ensure that it is used to drive evidence-based policies and budgets. Use our advocacy toolkit to engage with government leaders and other key stakeholders in support of PHC system improvements.

Help us improve the data

The PHC Vital Signs indicators rely on third party data. We don't generate the current data, but we aspire to improve data. Tell us if you see data you have questions about or if you know of a source that could help expand the availability of data for new countries. Send us an email at

Learn, compare, share

Use the PHC Vital Signs data to learn about the performance of the PHC system in your country, particularly compared to other countries. Get involved in cross-learning opportunities related to PHC and universal health coverage through PHCPI (forthcoming).

PHCPI is a new partnership that will continue to grow and evolve as more partners engage and countries commit to improving PHC systems through better measurement and knowledge-sharing. Check back with us again soon to learn about new opportunities to get involved in support of PHC improvement.